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North & Mid Wales PA hire, speaker hire, lighting hire and party supplies.

JBL Partybox 310

One of the finest portable speakers on the market, with genuine power and stereo sound it’s more than enough for any house party or small event, suitable for outdoor use, battery powered with up to 18 hours of play time on one charge, can also be mains powered. Comes with built in lights that go with the music, they can be switched off with the touch of a button too. Hit the “Bass Boost” button if you really want to Rock The House!

Connect via Bluetooth, USB or AUX cable to be playing your own music in seconds, LOUD!

£50 – 24 hours

Chauvet Gigbar lighting system

Best in its class of portable lighting systems, can be set up in seconds by anyone. The lights are already attached to the T-bar and connected together so all you have to do it mount it on the stand in a safe corner of the room and plug it in. Once powered up it will bring any room to life with a light show in sync with the music, it even has it’s own laser! Comes with remote control and carry bag.

£45 – 24 hours

Professional PA Speakers for larger events

A pair of the fantastic, Italian made dB Technologies 715DX 15″ active speakers a 1400w PA system that’ll easily cope with over 100 people for larger events. Featuring built in amps for ease of use, supplied with power and audio cables, carry bags and tripod stands. Just connect to your audio source and you’re good to go. We can supply wireless mics on request. Mics can be plugged directly.

£70 – 24 hours

Pair of professional wireless mics

A pair of excellent Q Audio wireless mics, amazing range, pre set up so you just plug in to a speaker and switch on. Will easily work with all our speakers. Ideal for a karaoke night at home or a work presentation, charity auction or any other event large or small. Good enough quality for professional use and will plug right in to any of our speakers.

£15 – 24 hours

Pair of ADJ X-Move LED moving head lights.

A pair of the fantastic moving head spot lights, link them together with the supplied cable and let them dance to the music in sync with each other. Supplied with all leads in a flight case. Plug in, switch on and they’re set up and ready to go. Great for DJs and DIY parties alike, easy to use and are comfortable in even large rooms with their 25w LEDs.

£30 – 24 hours

Powerful UV Flood lights x 2

2 x Professional grade, high powered UV LED flood light,, run cold, perfect for kids Halloween or UV parties. Easy plug and play. . £20 – 24 hours

Compact fog machine

Here we have our QTX compact fog machine to add atmosphere to any room, brings party lights to life. The machine is small but with plenty of output, controlled with the included remote control and full of premium fluid which will last all night. Great for kids Halloween or Birthday parties!

£15 for 24 hours

Dj Booth / Presentation lectern

Here we have our high quality, lightweight, quick & easy to assemble XPRS Liteconsole Go for hire. Perfect small booth for DJs or to present a conference, charity event or award show from. These booths are strong, sturdy & modern.

With an angled shelf for papers or laptop, a flat waist high shelf and low shelf, it’s got plenty of room for paperwork or awards. It can even have a logo projected on the facade.

£60 for 24 hours

Audio Technica ATW R2100 Wireless Lapel Mics x 2

We have a matching pair of these great, compact wireless mics to hire. Perfect for any award show, charity event, corporate event or wedding ceremony.

£15 each for 24 hours.

Studiomaster XS 6 Professional Mixer

This professional standard mixer can be used for events with multiple microphones or instruments like a band or corporate event. Wirelessly stream your own music to it via Bluetooth.

£15 for 24 hours.

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